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  Click onto puppy's ears to see how cropped ears are taped.   You may need the free Adobe viewer available at http://www.adobe.com


Your Breeder IS your Best Resource!

All new puppy owners will receive puppy care information from their breeder.  If puppy owners have any questions whatsoever, it is important that they first contact their breeder, who is in the best situation to give advice on your particular puppy.

If your breeder is a long distance away from you, your breeder can even often arrange for a local contact person to come out and help you if it is needed, IE this is sometimes done to provide hands on grooming assistance while you are in the learning stages of grooming or in other situations.

The relationship with your breeder extends far beyond the initial purchase of your puppy!

Some general information on the care of puppies is offered here, however it is not intended to replace the advice of your breeder.


Puppy Care Resources

  • How to Tape Natural Ears Not all natural ears need taping.  You should contact your breeder for advice on this if you have any concerns regarding the ear set of your puppy.  There is a pictorial explanation of how to do this on the standard schnauzer e-mail discussion list.  To join this list, go to www.standard-schnauzer.com for the link to join.  Once you join, the information is in the files section of that group's home page. 


  • More about Setting Natural Ears on the Standard Schnauzer Click here


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