Canadian Breeders Directory
...and your search for a standard schnauzer puppy or older dog

The directory of Canadian breeders and their respective contact information is listed following below for you.  Breeders need to know that prospective homes are suitable for the placement of a standard schnauzer, as they are not dogs for just anyone.  Breeders really need to know about you, and what you are looking for.  Prospective homes are subject first and foremost to the breeder knowing that you have a suitable environment for a standard schnauzer.  Breeders also have your interests at heart, to find the companion that is right for you!  When you contact a breeder, it is always a good idea to include details such as:
  • Your name and details about any family members such as children or other dogs in your home (and their ages etc.)
  • Your prior dog experiences
  • Are you willing to participate or have experience in obedience training
  • Your home and environment, IE fenced yard?
  • Why are you interested specifically in a standard schnauzer?
  • What are you interested in, IE puppy or older dog for placement, sex of dog wanted
  • Are you interested in showing your dog, or would it be a companion animal
  • Your full contact information
  • Any other details about your situation that you think may be relevant or helpful to the breeder so that they can best address your questions.

  Did you know that breeders occasionally place older dogs into new homes for a variety of reasons?  See also our rescue page for more information on considering the merits of adopting an older dog!


The Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada's Constitution [Printer-friendly PDF version] contains Breeders' Guidelines that you may refer to for more information.  You may need the free Adobe Reader to view this file - see .

SSCC breeders are expected to adhere to the Breeders' Guidelines regarding the health and temperament of their breeding stock and the puppies that they produce.


Canadian Breeders Directory

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Although all breeders appearing on this page are members of the Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada, the club will not accept responsibility for actions or practices of those listed.  Breeder referral is provided as a service and as a tool only, for those interested in acquiring a standard schnauzer.  It is encouraged that all persons searching for a standard schnauzer research and contact as many breeders as possible, so as to ensure an educated decision.

Gillian (Jill) Fraser
Ph. 204-781-8096  E-mail:
389 Belmont Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  R2V 0Y9


Line & Michel Champagne
Home page:


Victor B. Sukhorebry
Ph.  Cell 780-884-5062  E-mail:
305 Evergreen Park NW Edmonton, AB  T5Y 4M2

Home Page:


Natalie and Carrie Bova
Ph.  902-667-6848  E-mail:
131 Fox Ranch Rd, Amherst, NS B4H 3Y3 Canada

Home Page:



Karen Paré
Ph. 613-359-9975 E-mail:
Box 9, 716 Chaffeys Lock Road, Elgin ON  L0G 1E0

Trevor Gilbert
Ph. 416-287-0157  E-mail:
51 Noake Crescent, Ajax, Ontario  L1T 3L7 Canada
Home Page:


Jane Del Giglio
706 Wilmot Street, Coquitlam BC  V3J 6P4



Myles Koshman
Ph:  604-716-5049  E-mail:
2078 Rivergrove Place, North Vancouver BC  V7H 2L4


David Gooch
Ph. 519-899-2093.  E-mail: 
4253 Egremont Road, RR 2, Camlachie, Ontario Canada  N0N 1E0
Home Page:  n/a

No litters are planned for 2022

Gaston Ouelette & Rheal Morin
Ph.  905-874-9203.  E-mail:
32 Saddletree Trail, Brampton, Ontario  L6X 4M7
Home Page:


Debra and Gary Ballock
Ph:  289-439-4544  E-mail:
7 Hardale Crescent, Hamilton ON  L8T 1X7
Home Page:  n/a


Updated : June 26, 2022

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